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Set de bougies de Hanoukka

1 paquet de 44 bougies multicolores 

LED Go Menorah

Wherever you go, whatever you do, take this cute "GoMenorah" along with you! Power it up with batteries or micro-usb for the ultimate in convenience and ease of use. In...

Petite dreidel en plastique

1 small coloured plastic dreidel (1.25 in)

Petit sac cadeau de Hanoukka

1 petit sac cadeau sur le thème de Hanoukka

Guirlande de guirlandes de l'étoile de David

Une guirlande de Hanoukka de 1,80 m

Serviettes de table Menorah

Lot de 16 serviettes de table

Bouquet de ballons de Hanoukka

Includes: 1 x 18" foil balloon 3 x 11" Latex 1 x balloon base 1 x Giggles Transport bag

Bouquet de diamants de Hanoukka

Comprend : 1 x Ballon en feuille de diamant 2 x 11" chromé latex (aucun dessin disponible) 1 x base du ballon 1 x Sac de transport Giggles

Hanukkah Standing Table Sign

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with light, laughter and latkes! This festive Hanukkah decor sign has an attached easel back for standing. Gold foil accents, raised applique and measures 6"...

Premium Chanukah Candles

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with these beautiful candles! These traditional candles are hand dipped and hand decorated by skilled artisans. Allow Giggles to help bring the joy of Chanukah...

Wood Dreidels 25 pc

Enjoy the fun of Chanukah packed into one "Jar"! This re-sealable plastic Jar includes 25 Painted Natural Wood Dreidels, classic in design and timeless in enjoyment. Perfect for family parties, classroom...

Chanukah Socks-Youth

Celebrate the Festival of Lights in these super fun "Ugly Sweater" socks! Fits shoe size 1-5. Giggles has Montreal's biggest selection of decorations and products to satisfy all of your...
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